• StableEscrow regular version runs on the Ethereum Main Chain.
  • Allows a user (Escrow Payer) to lock DAI in an Escrow, which is payable to another user (Escrow Payee).
  • The Escrow can also have a moderator, who can settle the contract in case a dispute arises.
  • The Gas cost to create an Escrow is around 230,000 Gas @ 10 Gwei is $0.86.
  • StableEscrow charges a fee of 1 DAI to create the Escrow, which is non refundable after the escrow is created.

Press the Create Escrow Button. If the Escrow Factory contract has DAI approval for the required amount a new Escrow will be created. If the DAI approval is less than the required amount, there will be 2 transactions. One for DAI approval and the second to create the new Escrow.

Yes, because that is how ERC20 Tokens work. The Payer address will need to give DAI approval to the Escrow factory contract for a certain amount. The DAI approval amount can be set before hand or at the time of creating a new Escrow in which case each Escrow will require 2 seperate transactions.
If the Escrow Payer plans to use StableEscrow often they can give DAI approval for an amount equivalent to a few Escrows, rather than set an infinite approval like most other DAI enabled apps request. Giving infinite DAI approval to a contract address could turn out to be a security risk in the future.

ETH Gas Station
  • Only Payer:
    1. Create Escrow (230,000 Gas): Only the Payer can create the Escrow.

  • Only Payer or Moderator (If Exists):
    1. Release Funds (60,000 Gas): Release the Escrow settlement amount to Payee.

  • Only Payee or Moderator (If Exists):
    1. Set New Escrow Settlement Amount (34,000 Gas): Set a new lower amount for the Escrow that the Payee will get. The new amount must be lower or equal to the original escrow amount. The difference will be returned to the payer when the contract is finally settled.
    2. Cancel Escrow (Refund Full Amount) (30,000 Gas): This will return the entire escrow amount back to the Payer.

All parties get paid when the contract settles.

  • Payee: The original escrow amount or the new lower escrow settlement amount if it was set.
  • Moderator: Moderator Fee.
  • Payer: If a new lower escrow settlement amount was set, then the difference between the original and new lower amount.

ENS is the Ethereum Name Service. If the user has registered their Ethereum Address with an ENS name, then type the ENS name and press the ENS button. StableEscrow will query the ENS registry and if a record is found, it will automatically populate the user Ethereum address.